Under „preferences“, in your bettogoal account, you can choose your preferred settings.

You can choose the following settings:

  • Your preferred language.
  • Your preferred date format.

Under „communications”, you can choose your preferred communication settings as follows:

  • Whether or not to receive any e-mail on our events
  • Whether or not to receive our periodic newsletter
  • Whether or not to receive SMS notifications
  • Whether or not to receive updates on our partners special offers

Under „deposit limits“, you can impose daily, weekly or monthly limits into your personal deposits. You are free to change or to cancel these limits at any time you want.

Please note, that these personal settings will not work unless your browser and security settings are set to enable cookies.

Your bettogoal account is your central control panel for most of our services on the website. If you are logged in, you can initiate withdrawals or make deposits, place bets, monitor all financial transactions on your account or review all the bets you have placed.

By clicking the icon „preferences“, you have the possibility to adjust your account with the personal settings you prefer.

Under „communications“ you can choose from a list (click to tick/untick) what kind of e-mails you would like to receive (periodical newsletter, promotions mails) or if you do not wish to receive at all. You also have the choice, to subscribe/or not, to get information via SMS.

Under „communications“ you can subscribe to or unsubscribe from SMS info service.

Account verification

Due to the licensing requirements to which we are subject as a licensed gaming provider, we are obliged to verify the account to ensure that minors are excluded from gambling. Account verification is also one of the global standards for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.

We will check the validity of the information you provide us (Name, address etc.). If your details are inaccurate or incorrect or if there are any enquiries, we may request additional documents as further proof of your identity.

If the verification of an account fails, the account will not be available for gaming purposes. Deposits and withdrawals cannot be made; therefore, gaming will not be possible.

Gaming on our website is impossible without verifications of accounts.

You will not be able to withdraw funds or make deposits.

If you live in the UK, your account must be verified within 72 hours of becoming a Real Player or within 72 hours of being recognised as a UK resident customer, whichever is the sooner. If you are not verified within 72 hours, your account will be suspended and you will not be able to make any deposits or withdrawals.

You will still be able to log in and submit your documents to be verified. Once approved, the account will be reopened.

We will ask for a copy of an official identity document (passport, identity card, temporary replacement or official residence permit) and that they are uploaded to the system. We may have to request additional documents, such as a utility bill, a bank reference letter or similar documentation.

We use SSL encryption technology. The upload process is therefore as secure as possible.

We are using a restrictive, highly secured data protection system. Only employees in charge of the account verification procedures will have access to your documents.

Inactive accounts

Because inactive accounts cause considerable organisational effort.

No additional fees will be charged in case that an account is reopened.

An account is free of charges as long as the account is used for gaming purposes. According to industrial standards an account will be considered as inactive when it is not used for gaming purposes within a 12-month period.

By choosing a game and placing bets from bettogoal’s extensive range of games and entertainment.

Closing and reopening of accounts

Please send a message to our support team at, specifying you first and last name, your residential address, your date of birth, your user ID and the mail address listed in your account. Please state the reason of your request in the subject line.

No, bettogoal will not charge fees in such a case. Fees are only charged if an account is inactive. But we are entitled to close any account which has a zero balance.

Only if an account remains inactive for at least 12 months. When an account is considered as inactive, administrative fees will be charged.

There are two options to close an account and two options to choose a time out period. Please select thoughtfully before choosing one of the options.

If you have developed or feel the risk to develop a problematic gaming behaviour, please visit the self-exclusion page in your account. ( Link dahin)

Here, there are two available options:

  • You will be able to define a fixed time out duration (1-day, 1-week, 1-month or another period, up to 6 weeks). The account will be reopened automatically after the end of the duration.
  • You will be able to self-exclude yourself for an indefinite period. In this case, the account cannot be reopened before a period of 6 months has elapsed, in addition, the reopening of the account has to be initiated by our support team, you can reach them via

If you would like to close your account for any other reason, please see the account closure page ( Link dahin)

Here, there will be the following options:

  • Closure for a definite duration, 1-week, 1-month, 3-months or another definite period. The account will be reopened automatically after the period has elapsed.
  • Closure for an indefinite duration. In this case, the account can only be reopened by requesting the reopening via our support team at with an advance 24-hour notice period.

Please note in all cases of account closure:

  • You will not be able to play with real money.
  • You will not be able to deposit real money.
  • However, you will be able to request withdrawals of money from your account.

If you wish to block your account so that you are no longer able to log in, please contact our support team via by sending a message providing your first and last name, your address, your date of birth, your user name and the e-mail address you provided when setting up your bettogoal account.

Please note, that in any case of closure of the account, your personal data cannot be deleted. We are obliged to keep the data for your own security until the expiration of the statutory period of limitation and by statutory storage obligations. You may request the deletion of data after the expiration of the time for statutory storage obligations.

Personal data

To change your address log in your bettogoal account and change your postal address.

To update your country, it is necessary to contact us via and to upload a current utility bill or another document, that shows your new address.

First you must log in to your bettogoal account. You can then update your e-mail address in the Settings/Personal data section. If you have forgotten your access data, please contact us at stating your name, first name, date of birth, address, user name and the e-mail address that you provided when opening your account.

Your new email address will be updated as soon as possible by our support team.

In this case, please contact our support team at by specifying your former surname, your customer ID, your address, your date of birth and your mail address. In this case, we are obliged by law to request a marriage certificate.

Login procedure

If you have opened an account on our website, you can access the account by entering your user name and password on the buttons at the top right/left of the website (LOGIN), then press the login button the “return/enter” key on the keyboard.

Please inform our support via and submit your name, surname, your date of birth, your address and your e-mail address.

In this case please contact our support team via and submit your name, surname, address and your e-mail address.

Click on the “Forgot your password” button on the website. Then follow the instructions and a new password will be sent to you by e-mail within a short time. You will need your security question and answer for the process.

Please note that we can only send the e-mail with your new password to the e-mail address that you have given us! Therefore, please make sure to always use a current e-mail address!

Your personal question & answer combination offers additional protection to your personal data. Furthermore, you will be asked your personal security question & answer if you forget your password or your user name. Furthermore, we reserve the right to request your personal question & answer combination whenever you request a payment from your account.

You can change your password at any time. See under „my account – Settings – Change password“. Always keep your password secret. We are not liable for any misuse of your account due to your negligent handling of your password.

We advise you not to use passwords, which are easy to guess. Letters combined with numbers are always advisable. Passwords like „123456“ are very easy to guess and are not secure passwords.

You cannot do this on your own. We have to assist you, please contact our support at by submitting your name, first name, date of birth, address and your e-mail address.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. User IDs are unique and allocated by us only once.

Promotions & Bonuses

Promotions are special events we design for you to win cash or non-cash prizes. Promotions are only organised occasionally.

Bonuses are rewards that are paid out when certain gaming or wagering conditions have been completed.  The bonus could be monetary or non-monetary such as free spins. You will find the specific details of each bonus program on the website at „Bonus Programs“( Link setzen).

Under „My account-Bonuses, Promotions“ you can access a list of all current or past bonuses or promotions including the ones which are still active.

We always offer a variety of bonuses, promotions and sweepstakes. You can see our current promotions under „Bonus/Promotions“ on the website.

In addition, we inform our customers about current bonuses and other promotions regularly via newsletter and/or e-mail, sometimes also via SMS.

If you do not receive any newsletter or promotional e-mails from us, please check your account under „Settings “ to see whether the option, „Unsubscribe mails, newsletter and/or SMS notifications” was clicked. If so, click the button again and you will start to receive e-mails.

  • A direct bonus is an amount of money that is credited to your account without you having to make a deposit. However, it is usually subject to certain wagering conditions, which must be fulfilled. In most cases, such bonuses must be used immediately or within a short time frame.
  • A deposit bonus normally requires a deposit to be made. In other words, the customer must deposit a certain amount of money on his account in order to unlock the bonus payment from the casino or sportsbook website. The deposit bonus is a percentage of the amount that the casino/bettogoal (i.e. us) “pays” on the amount you have deposited up to a certain amount. These bonuses are usually linked to certain requirements, which we publish as part of the respective bonus program.

Before a bonus can be converted into so-called “real money”, i.e. before it is available, the wagering requirements must first be met. Usually, the bonus amount must be wagered several times on selected games. In most cases, bonuses must be unlocked within a certain timeframe and in this way the wagering requirements must be met. This information can usually be found under the respective bonus offer. Often bonus offers are only related to certain games (e.g. roulette etc.).

  • Bonus with pay-out limitations

In such cases, a bonus will be transferred directly to the user’s account in order to play certain games or products. The bonus amount will always be wagered first when making a stake. As a rule, winnings generated cannot be used to wager on games other than those for which the bonus is granted, nor can winnings be cashed out if the bonus terms and conditions are not met or are not met within a specified timeframe. If the conditions are not met or are not met within a specified time, the bonus and any winnings will be cancelled.

  • Bonus with release restrictions

Here the bonus is credited to a user account when the game requirements have been met. Once the amount has been credited to the account, it can be used for any purpose. In these cases, the bonus amount may also be divided into several amounts, so that the bonus is only released one portion at a time. If the bonus is split, then the betting requirements are also split. If the set conditions are not fulfilled or not fulfilled within a specified time, the expiration of the bonus always refers to the unfulfilled part.

Freebets only apply on sportsbook and in general only apply to single bets (or combination bets), but not for system bets. They are usually not subject to any further betting conditions. The stake is normally not included in the winnings of Freebets and is therefore usually deducted from the winnings. However, it is always necessary to check in detail which requirements are attached to Freebets on the basis of the Terms and Conditions of a Freebet program.

The term „Free Spin“ normally applies only on slot machines. A Free Spin is a subtype of a bonus, so you should always pay attention to the Terms and Conditions under which Free Spins are granted.

Wagering means the wagering requirements for a bonus. As a rule, every casino bonus or bonus on a sports bet is subject to certain conditions that must be fulfilled for the bonus to be awarded, i.e. it is actually made available on the player’s account in real money. Usually, certain amounts have to be wagered on certain games in a casino or on a sports betting site and only after this has been done will the player’s wagering be rewarded with a bonus (i.e. a cash subsidy from the casino or betting provider). If the bonus conditions are not met or, for example, not reached within a certain timeframe, the bonus is usually forfeited. The player’s bet in the hope of freeing a bonus but can prove to be all for nothing.

bettogoal support

The customer service team at is your first point of contact for all questions regarding our products and services or our website. To contact our service team, please fill in the form that can be found on our „contact“ page.

Our customer service team always endeavour to answer all enquiries as accurately and as quickly as possible by e-mail.

However, since enquiries are processed according to the time of receipt, we kindly request that you refrain from sending multiple enquiries on the same subject to the support team (this does not speed up the answering of a request, it slows it down, because we must then first sort out duplicate requests).

We would also like to point out that our help page or the FAQ page (which you are currently looking at) has been designed with many conceivable enquiries in mind to provide you with as many answers as we can on a variety of matters.

In order to speed up and simplify the procedure, we kindly ask that you first check our help page (FAQ) to see if the answer to your question is already there. As a rule, this should be the case. Only if your search on our Help page (FAQ) is unsuccessful should you contact Customer Service.

Please note, that our Customer Service Team is also responsible for receiving complaints.

Some enquiries are defined by us as complaints, even if they are not meant to be complaints, in accordance with our corporate guidelines.

These include notifications of technical faults or malfunctions of the website, non-compliance of individual business decisions with our general terms and conditions of business, and/or our betting and gaming rules, differences with regard to the granting or non-granting of bonuses.

Complaints or enquiries that we define as complaints will be given priority, and usually handled within one month. Full communication with customers will be logged by us and kept for the duration of the limitation period.


A customer can only register once (for one account). If you have misplaced or forgotten your access data (password and/or user name), please contact our customer service at by submitting your first and last name, your residential address, your date of birth and the e-mail address you provided us with while registering for the first time.

Due to bettogoal security and anti-money laundering regulations, it is not allowed to change the basic personal data like first name and surname (except, in the case of a legal change of name e.g. marriage) or date of birth. Other personal data such as address, bank account and e-mail address etc. are changeable. Please note that your details must always be correct. We may need to verify this information from time to time, for example in the case of pay-outs.

No, there is no need to make a deposit after registration. Users are free to deposit whenever they like.

No, registration is always non-binding and does not oblige you to do anything, in particular make any deposits. However, by registering you are bound by our general Terms and Conditions, game terms and wagering conditions (link).

The disclosure of your correct personal data (such as surname, first name and address) is a prerequisite for you to be able to use our services. We are required by law to collect and record this information as part of the license terms to which we are subject. We need to know your birthday because customers who are under 18 years of age or under the law of their home country are not yet of legal age are excluded from using our services. This is how we define the provisions for the protection of minors to which we are subject. We need to know your e-mail to get in touch if necessary, e.g. if you have forgotten your password or if it is necessary to arrange payments of winnings.

No, customers can only register once at bettogoal. Once a registration is completed, the personal data is stored in bettogoal database and further registrations with this data are no longer possible. In the event of a registration based on false/incorrect data, bettogoal reserves the right to close the account with immediate effect. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Yes, of course. If all the fields in the registration form are filled correctly, a bettogoal user account will be created automatically and various payment methods will be automatically displayed. In this instance, the registration was successful.

We attach great importance to data protection. We do everything technically feasible to achieve this. For example, we use special firewalls to prevent third parties from accessing our databases. These are special defence systems with very complex security architecture. Safety-relevant processes such as deposits are carried out under the protection of a 128-bit security key. This is currently the technically best possible standard. Within the scope of communication with you or via your web browser, your data is protected by a tested encryption technology.

The registration is required to use our website and our products. In order to be able to play, a player account must first be set up. Real money cannot be deposited until an account has been created. Apart from everything else, we are required by law to allow play only after full registration has been completed. This is also part of the money laundering prevention package.


Security of payment processing is one of the most important features when it comes to online payments. As a matter of fact, online payments are currently more secure than card transactions in a shop or a transfer by phone or fax because, the online transmitted payment information is highly encrypted by an advanced logarithm code. Any communications between bettogoal and its customers regarding payment processing are encrypted by a 128-bit SSL encryption code, the highest encryption code which is available at present.

Additionally, credit card providers protect their users against fraudulent payments in payment situations, when a credit card is not presented.

Card issuers give their customers the right to dispute transactions if the purchased services/articles do not arrive or if a card has been used fraudulently.

For your security we provide the online verification systems “Verified by Visa” and “Master Card Secure Code”.

  • What does „Verified by VISA“ mean?

This is a new technology that increases your security when making online payments. By providing your existing Visa card with a password, it ensures that only you can use the card. The service is free of charge and can also be adapted for your existing Visa card. You can find out more here.

  • What is Master Card Secure Code?

Your personal Secure Code, which only you and your bank know, protects your existing Master Card account from unauthorised use when shopping on Master Card Secure partner websites. Find out more here.

CVC stands for “Card Verification Code”. For your own security, you must provide this security code if you wish to make an international credit card payment via the internet or telephone. This three-digit code is located on the back of the credit card in the signature field. If no code is entered, please contact the issuing bank.

A double charge is a temporary blocking of the previously deposited amount and a direct debit of the same transfer amount. This procedure can occur with credit card payments and is in line with current agreements between Spanish card issuers and banks. The reason for this is a system error, which occurs in approx. 1% of card-issuing banks in Spain. A transaction is first approved and then blocked. This is a common procedure for all financial networks. Although the pre-audit is a standard procedure in Spain, it does not work properly for about 1% of all transactions in Spain.

Depending on the bank, the amount should be credited back within a period of 10 to 30 days. We will not be able to help you in these cases. The double debit is not initiated by bettogoal.

Users can view standard deposit limits that are valid in each case on their accounts. bettogoal reserves the right to set or change general or individual deposit limits at any time. Users have the option of setting individual deposit limits on their accounts, which can be lowered by the user at any time. However, it is only possible to increase the limits via support at and, in addition, legal waiting times must be observed until the increased limits comes into effect.

Please note, that we have processing times, which may vary depending of the selected payment method. If this standard processing time for the payment method you have chosen is exceeded, please contact, stating your name and username and the payment method you have chosen.

Please check our „payment methods“ help section. (Link zu Zahlungsmethoden)

If you haven´t made a successful payment by using your credit card or if you receive the message, that your payment by credit card was rejected due to our internal security settings, please select another payment method.

This serves your own security against misuse and is also stipulated by our license requirements that we are obliged to request photo ID for the first transaction. We also make sure that no minors use our products illegally and we also make sure that you make this payment by yourself and not by an unauthorized third party. The requested documents can be uploaded on the website at ( Link).

A withdrawal requires a minimum balance. Please check this on your account! If you have claimed free money or a bonus, the bonus conditions or the requirements for claiming free money must first be met before a withdrawal can be made.

bettogoal does not charge any fees for a withdrawal.

In individual cases, our finance department may change a pay-out method due to security precautions.

Please check whether the minimum balance required for a withdrawal is on your account! Otherwise, please check whether inadmissible special characters were used in the pay-out mask, which the system does not recognize! If this is also not the case, please contact stating your name, your user name, the error message and the selected payment method.

You will find our bank details on your user account under the button “Deposit/Bank Transfer” (Set link). A transfer field will appear, which already contains the bank details. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on “continue”. Please only use the bank details that are displayed. Do not forget to enter the reference number that is displayed. The input of this number secures the allocation of the deposit to your user account.

Our service team will make every effort to process your withdrawal request as quick as possible. Depending on the volume of work, this can take up to 5 days. Once our team has completed processing the request, the duration of the transfer depends on the selected payment method and finally on the processing times of your payment service provider or your bank.

This depends on the status of the withdrawal. You can check this on your account under “Payouts” ( set link ). If the process has not yet been completed, it may still be possible to cancel the process. For further information, please contact, stating your name and user name and the selected payment method!

A cancellation can have several reasons:

  • Withdrawals can only be made to accounts in the user’s name.
  • It is possible that bonus conditions or the conditions for granting free money have not yet been met. In this case, withdrawals are generally not (yet) possible.
  • Where deposits have not been used to participate in our gaming services and are to be retrieved without wagering a stake, due to existing security settings, it is possible that the Finance Department may not approve such a withdrawal or link it to other records.
  • We reserve the right to verify the cards on a case-by-case basis when using credit cards by requesting copies of the cards from the user.
  • Withdrawals may only be made upon presentation of an official identification document in accordance with the applicable license requirements and such proof has not yet been furnished.


Log in to your account and select the “Withdrawals” option. You will then find a list with the available withdrawal options. Please pay attention to the individual instructions for the chosen option. Please note that with each payment we first check whether there are any outstanding claims on our part. For higher pay-outs, please also note there maybe pay-out limits.

If you have free or bonus money in your account, you must meet the relevant bonus requirements before a withdrawal can be made. To be eligible for a bonus, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the bonus.

This depends on the status of the withdrawal. Go to “Withdrawals” and check if the withdrawal is still pending. If this is the case, then you can still change or cancel the withdrawal.

  • How do I know what amount I can still deposit?

Log in to your account and check under “Limits/Restrictions” what limits you have set. On your account you can also see your recent transactions including deposits.

  • What can I do if the maximum deposit amount has been reached?

Every user has the right to reduce the deposit limits set by himself. This is then implemented by our employees with immediate effect. This means that the lower limits take effect immediately. However, an increase in the limits is only possible after the waiting periods imposed on us by law and our license terms have expired. You can find more details from our Terms and Conditions.